Buraq Integrated Solutions

Water Level Monitor
Part Number: IDW-FR02

This contact less Water Level Sensor can sense the water level of any stream or open channel. It is using ultrasonic principle to detect the water level. Water level can be displayed on screen or can be transmitted to cloud server via GSM network.

If Rating Curve is known for the water stream, the water level can be used to find the water discharge/flow rate.


Sensor TypeUltrasonic (Contactless)
Sensing MediumWater
Measuring Range0-5 Feet
Accuracy0.5% (standard conditions)
LCDMultiline LCD to display the Water Level or Distance
Supply VoltageDC
TelemetryGSM Modem with Data Sim to transmit SMS after each hour to server
Power SourceSolar Panel, Rechargeable DC Battery and solar charger

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