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BAM Plus is a portable, real-time beta gauge which has EPA Approval for PM10 particulate measurements. The E-BAM Plus will satisfy users, regulators and those from the health community by providing truly accurate, precise, real time measurement of fine particulate matter automatically. It is a rugged, portable, battery operated package easily deployed and operational in 15 minutes.

Advanced Features

  • U.S. EPA Designation for Outdoor PM10 FEM Configuration.
  • Real-time, accurate results without correction factors — regardless of season or geographic location.
  • Ambient sampling provides accurate measurement of semi-volatile nitrates and organic compounds.
  • Lightweight, rugged construction is easily mounted on a tripod in minutes.
  • All-weather construction allows for true ambient sampling.
  • CCS COMET Cloud Compatible
  • Operates on AC power.

Continuous Monitoring

The E-BAM Plus automates particulate measurement by continuously sampling and reporting concentration data. Data records are updated every minute. The E-BAM Plus eliminates filter collection and filter weighing, and the expense of high maintenance instruments. With the adoption of beta attenuation for ambient particulate monitoring it has become simple, streamlined, and inexpensive.

About Accuracy

Real-time accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurement of ambient fine particulate matter has been the elusive goal of environmental regulators and health professionals for many years. The E-BAM Plus is reliable and is easy to operate. Results are automatically reported in near real time with no human intervention. Because sampling occurs under true ambient conditions, semi-volatile organic compounds and nitrates are easily detected thereby avoiding under measurement of particulates. The E-BAM Plus will produce comparable results to the manual reference method.

Continuous Sampling

The E-BAM Plus is a robust, lightweight, portable instrument that operates directly in hostile environments without an exterior enclosure; easily installed in less than 15 minutes. No other sampler matches the Designated performance, portability and flexibility of the E-BAM Plus.


Quick startup of the E-BAM is assured by a series of prompts guiding the installer on the initialization sequence to follow. Next the E-BAM performs a series of self-test diagnostics and alerts the installer of any corrective action. Upon completion of the self-tests, the E-BAM automatically places itself in normal operating mode.

Particulate Size Selection

Size selective concentration measurements are made using the supplied PM10 inlet. Flow dependent cut points in the size selective inlets are maintained using integral flow meter, pressure sensor and ambient temperature sensor. The PM10 inlet removes particles larger than 10 microns and is not affected by wind speed and wind direction.


The standard configuration of the E-BAM Plus is a self-contained environmentally sealed aluminum enclosure placed on a rugged tripod. This system can be permanently placed on rooftops, near roads, at industrial sites, or rapidly deployed to monitor emergency situations. ‘E’ represents Environment Proof instrument. The E-BAM Plus has been specifically designed to work in hostile environments with no additional protection.

Data Reporting & Communication

Remote collection options include landline or cellular data modem, CCS Cloud reporting, line of sight spread spectrum radio, and for very remote sites, satellite communications. E-BAM Plus data is easily accessed by direct communication with a network, data logger, PC or laptop computer.

Stored E-BAM Plus data may be retrieved using one of the communication options, USB Flash Drive; or the data may be forwarded to third party data acquisition system. AIR Plus Software supports the E-BAM Plus and provides a complete communication, data base and reporting modules with charting. Comet data retrieval software is included with every E-BAM Plus.

Digital, Analog & Alarm Outputs

The E-BAM Plus provides continuous digital and analog outputs. The analog output is selectable to several full-scale voltages or 4 – 20 mA current loop. Digital outputs are available as RS-485, RS-232 or USB. A single channel contact closure alarm relay output is available. This is used for alert of an unspecified error such as; broken tape, sensor failure, flow failure, etc.

Data Storage

The internal E-BAM Plus data logger can store over 484 days of hourly concentration data as well as hourly averaged data from up to eight other measurements. Both digital and analog outputs are easily connected to other data recording systems.

Easy to Operate

Once initialized, the E-BAM Plus will operate continuously, except during calibration verification. Current data, historical data, and status information are available at any time without interrupting normal operation.

Data Validation

The E-BAM Plus has selectable criteria for data validation, including but not limited to; deviation from a rolling average, high value excursions, and power failure. Should an error occur, it is entered into the error log with date, time and type of error.


  • Military & Homeland Security
  • Emergency Response
  • Ambient Monitoring
  • Dust Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Industrial Facility & Process Monitoring
  • Tunnel Monitoring