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Automated weather stations (sometimes called automatic weather stations) provide an integrated system of components that are used to measure, monitor, and study the weather and climate. These stations are typically used in weather, meteorology, and mesonet applications. These stations often transmit weather parameters such as temperature, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, and precipitation.

We provide solution to the observatory to achieve real-time monitoring of weather at different locations in the territories. Weather information like temperature, wind direction and speed, humidity, flooding can be gathered via various measuring equipment in weather station. All the data can be centralized, organized and sent to the observatory. For transmission purpose, different mediums can be used based upon the availability and reliability requirement like Radio or GSM links.

Variety of sensors with specialized Class categories and ratings like NEMA, IP65, etc are being offered by BIS. Few of the sensors & instruments which can be attached with Automatic Weather Stations are as following:

  • Temperature Sensor with shields
  • Humidity Sensor with shields
  • Rain Gauges
  • Wind Speed and Direction Sensor
  • Solar Radiation Sensor – Pyranometers
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor
  • pH Sensor
  • Solar Panels with batteries
  • Cameras
  • Ceilometers
  • Air Monitoring Sensors
  • Data Loggers
  • Radio and/or GSM Communication modules

Through cloud management platform, the data feedback from weather stations can be visualized in form of dashboard and charts. Since the data transmission can be instantaneous, alerts can be triggered in cloud management platform once abnormal weather data is received. The observatory can issue warning signal to the public immediately after poor weather condition is recognized.

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