Buraq Integrated Solutions

The Solar800 is a turn-key, solar-measurement data-acquisition system specifically designed for solar-resource assessment. The Solar800 provides the on-site data essential for a thorough understanding of a project site’s solar resources and variability. The system is designed with fast-to-field features that simplify and expedite installation: no system coding required, quick-deploy installation components and guide, and simple-to-configure software. Data retrieval is easy and flexible. Options include: FTP, email, Modbus, DNP 3, and LoggerNet capability.

Benefits and Features

  • High reliability and longevity with a Campbell Scientific CR800 Measurement and Control Datalogger
  • High measurement quality delivered by high-resolution analog channels on the datalogger combined with ISO 9060 thermopile pyranometers
  • Easy, turn-key installation
  • Factory fabrication, programming, and testing minimizes field wiring errors, reduces deployment time, and eliminates system programming
  • Battery-backed system enables continuous data collection, even during power outages and network failure
  • Easy and flexible data retrieval
  • Supports TCP/IP functionality, including: HTTP web server, FTP, and email send for data viewing and retrieval
  • Supports Modbus, DNP 3, PakBus, and SunSpec protocols
  • Ships with quick-deploy installation guide, system schematics, and engineering documentation
  • Retains the powerful, modular nature of the Buraq Integrated Solutions product line, allowing for user-defined modifications and customization