Buraq Integrated Solutions

Buraq Integrated Solutions have vast experience in design and implementation of Drip Irrigation Systems. Most of our systems are IoT based and include Solar Pumps, Pipe Network, Soil Moisture & Temperature Sensors, pH & NPK Sensors, PLC Controllers, Irrigation Time Management & Logging, Water Requrement & Consumption Logging, etc. Energy and Water conservation are our two key areas to focus.

Smart Irrigation practices include integration of soil moisture and atmospheric data for decision support system to manage the irrigation timings & volume.

Case Study – Automatic Water Discharge Controller at CEWRI, NARC, Islamabad

This automated system is monitoring the soil moisture of Citrus and Pears fields and controls the water discharge to maintain the required soil moisture. The soil moisture record and drip irrigation data is being logged and can be accessed over the web cloud by visiting iot.buraq.com This leads to Energy and Water Conservation.