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Environmental Monitoring Device (EMD) by Iconics-ME provides real-time comprehensive remote monitoring of environment temperature, environment humidity, and other environmental conditions via Web Browser, Modbus & SNMP. The EMD also provides four user-defined dry contacts for additional environmental monitoring. These dry contacts can be used with devices that provide normally-open or normally-closed results, such as door sensors, smoke detectors, motion detectors, and liquid detectors.


SNMP Ability

The EMD can be connected to SNMP Monitors to access the Environmental Parameters. This allows easy integration of EMD management into an existing SNMP network management system.

Modbus TCP

The EMD has the ability to communicate with Modbus OPC Servers for giving access to its Environmental Parameters. This allows easy integration of EMD management into existing Modbus devices, PLCs & SCADA system. This feature enables the EMD device to become part of the Enterprise Building Management System.

HTTP Familiarity

The web interface of EMD, quickly and easily allows access to EMD information from any machine with web browsing capabilities. Additionally, EMD information can be configured and monitored through the web.


Web Server Yes Yes Yes Yes
SNMP Protocol Yes Yes
Modbus Protocol Yes Yes
Relay Yes
Package Contents EMD Device, 220VAC Power Adaptor, Quick Setup Guide
Dry Contact Connectivity Four Dry Contact Inputs (Normally-Open or Normally-Closed)
Power Input 220VAC
Dimensions (W x D x H) 95 x 62 x 27mm
Weight 265 g
Regulatory CE & FCC Class B


Model Number ICME-EMD-9TH
Sensor Type Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Temperature Monitoring Measures Temperature from -40° to 80°C with an Accuracy of ±0.5°C
Humidity Monitoring Measures Humidity between 0% & 100% with an Accuracy of ±2%-5%


Model Number ICME-EMD-9S
Sensor Type Smoke & Gas Sensor
Smoke Monitoring Detects Smoke in Air using LPG, Butane, Propane, Methane, Hydrogen


Model Number ICME-EMD-9M
Sensor Type Motion Sensor
Motion Monitoring Detects Motion using PIR Principle.


Model Number ICME-EMD-9V
Sensor Type Vibration Sensor
Vibration Monitoring Detects Vibration. It may help to detect the extra ordinary movements and vibration of the Server Racks.


Model Number ICME-EMD-9D
Sensor Type Door Sensor
Door Monitoring Detects the opening of Door using Reed Switch. Can be installed at Server Racks

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