May 11, 2019

Hydropower Monitoring

The Hydropower Monitoring systems offered by Buraq Integrated Solutions are designed and manufactured by Campbell Scientific. Campbell Scientific systems are useful in all phases of hydropower research and power production. Our systems measure weather data; water level, flow, and temperature; power production; turbine performance; lightning potential and strike; and high-speed measurements requiring anti-alias filtering and spectrum analysis. These measurement and control systems are modular, multiprocessor systems that provide precision measurement capabilities in a rugged, battery-operated package.

The hydropower monitoring plant is an important issue especially considering environmental challenges, social economic environment and the number of people who work on the hydropower plant and save money on a project that need a lot of investment. However is not the only factor at stake, the impact of the hydropower on the environment is not negligible even more important than expected for a renewable energy.

Environmental monitoring of hydropower mean the processes and activities that need to take care to characterize and monitor the quality of the environment in relation to installed hydropower. This include recording of various parameters of the plant with different sensors to identify imminent damage or danger, to organize the maintenance or to optimize the proper functioning. Many things are affected by the presence of a dam such as plants, water quality or even underground water around the project. So to avoid any lasting harm a set of sensors are placed all around the hydropower plant to monitor all the parameters.

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